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Hi! So, instead of the 10,000 other things I should post about (moved to NY! Living in winter! Dinged 60! Baby is cute!), I've chosen this.

We all should (re)read Watchmen.

I've read it at least 6 times, probably more if you count all the fits and starts. Every time I've done so, I've done it in the TPB, generally taking at least 3 issues at a chunk along with some of the text bits.

I want to read Watchmen slowly. Not as slowly as the original publication, but with some generous space to think about each issue on its own, and the series up to that point. We're all too young to have had the fanboy anticipation for "what will happen next," but I'd like to try and recreate some of that.

Against all nerdy odds, some of you have never(!) read it. AWESOME.

The plan is to read, book-group style, one issue (and associated text pieces) a week with no spoilery discussion. The following week, we can digest what we read and work through the next piece.

Crucially, NO SPOILERS for future issues! Both for the new readers, and for the experienced nerds, let's try to restrict our attention to what's just happened on the page so far.


For the bulk of our impressions, discussions and comments, I thought we could use twitter. It's fast, accessible and part of most people's routine. I've set up a group here.

Simply follow watchtweet and it will autofollow you. Then send a DIRECT MESSAGE to watchtweet, and it will be posted out to all others following watchtweet. This way someone could join the discussion without having to add everyone individually, and it keeps your twitter feed clear of Watchmen comments os you can hide your nerdity. :)

Remember, a direct message on twitter uses 'd' instead of '@'.


d watchtweet I can't believe Moore stole the ending for watchmen from Night at the Opera! What a rip!

For comments and reactions that are (gasp!) longer than 140 characters, write up a post anywhere you like (your LJ, wordpress, message board, whatever) and simply leave a link to it in your tweet.


Discussion for the first issue will start this coming Sunday, 11/23. That gives you 7 days to (re)read the first issue and the "Under the Hood" section after it. After 11/23, chapter one comments and spoilers will be kosher.

What? You don't have a copy of Watchmen? Honey, there are lots of places to find it.

Questions below. Signup by following watchtweet
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