Feb. 5th, 2008

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Dear Democrats-

You're my party now, after those strange years of dalliance with Science Fiction parties that don't actually exist. It's been a weird transition, especially coming into this primary season. J and I have gone back and forth with each other about the primary race. We both loved the recent New Yorker article, which reads as a snarky anti-clinton peice but really spells out most of the things we like about her.

But, anyway, it will be too close to call by the time I go to bed. And even by the morning, the delegate count will still likely not settle the nomination. But please, please, PLEASE don't freak out about this. Remember that we have two fantastic canidates this year. If Clinton wins tonight, wins the nomination in general, please accept that. Don't throw any accusations of vote rigging, precient tampering, or anything else from that nasty bag. The same if Obama wins.

The worst aspect of a protracted primary is the nasty mud we throw at each other. And remember that every hostile outraged accusation that we throw at each other will come back 10 fold later this year from the 08 Swiftboaters.

So enjoy the best pair of canidates you're likely to see in your voting lifetime, and remember that we're still the same party. Please.


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